about the amatap team


veteran owned veteran operated

AMATAP is proudly owned and operated by veterans dedicated to serving our military veterans as well as the unsung heroes of our local communities such as, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and all the other amazing people that fall under those categories. We do not believe in having customers because each and every one of you contributes and helps AMATAP build as a whole to bring you more services and products we consider every individual a valued AMATAP team member.


Employ, Equip, empower, emerge victorious in any scenario

Our entire mission is to not only provide world class customer service, but to also:

  • Employ the proper skills and techniques to give our team the tools to succeed regardless of the mission
  • Equip our valued team with the right firearms, holsters, ammunition, and all other necessary gear.
  • Empower each and everyone of our vital team members with all of the listed above traits so that regardless of mission or situation they will Emerge victorious


AMATAP what does it stand for?

Any Mission Any Time Any Place.

We believe that rather than specialising or preparing for one specific situation or one mission is not the way to succeed our mindset is to be well rounded to be able to adapt and overcome any obstacles because just like everything else in life no good plan survives first action.